What Is It Like to Get An MRI?

MRI machines of the past were loud and bulky, leaving a small tubular area for you to slide in for imaging. Newer machines are quieter and have a more open design for comfort. It’s a pain-free way to get the imaging your doctor needs to better manage your illness or injury. Below are a few things about an MRI exam that can set your mind at ease.

Non-Invasive Imaging Machine

An MRI test is a way for your doctor to get clear images of what is going on inside through magnetic resonance waves. The results are normally remarkably clear and help your doctor better diagnose your condition. It’s completely non-invasive and is not painful. Technicians will help you get comfortable before the procedure begins.

Fast and Efficient Imaging

Depending on the number of images needed and location, the entire process usually takes less than an hour. It’s often complete in as little as 20 or 30-minutes. The technician will not be able to give you any results, but they will inform you of when they have all the images your doctor needs.

Open MRI Machine Comfort

The newer open MRI machine is great for those that have a hard time fitting in tight places or are nervous about enclosed areas. The images gathered are all high-quality and you will hardly notice the MRI is taking place. Older machines were like a skinny tube that was terrifying for anyone that suffered from anxiety or claustrophobia.

Schedule An Appointment for Fast Service

The best way to get your MRI done without any hassles or wait is to call and make an appointment. You can better plan when to arrive to avoid any waiting, which is beneficial if you are in any pain.

Undergoing an MRI test is not anything to fee wary of, or apprehensive. It’s generally quick and is as simple as getting a standard x-ray. Schedule an appointment and you can be done and out within minutes.